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Our Engage29 Vision

By March of 2029, we will engage 75,000 people living in the Trinity Triangle with the Gospel, help them build strong families, see life through the lens of Scripture, and equip them to live out their faith.

To Know Christ and Make Him Known

Our desire is for people to hear the Gospel, receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, and have eternal life—and find blessings like restoration, joy, hope, faith, strength, peace, purpose, and much more.

Our Four Core Values

  1. Truth—God’s Word, the Bible, is truth. It’s our anchor.
  2. Transformation—Jesus offers salvation which begins a process of living to become more like Him.
  3. Purpose—The Holy Spirit guides and enables believers. His presence changes it all.
  4. Prayer—This is our lifeline for truth, transformation, and purpose.

Our Four Priorities

  1. Worship—Consistently worship together (and individually) in prayer, in praise and in His Word. It is where we find inspiration, expectation, and encouragement to give our best for His honor and glory.
  2. Grow—Read Scripture daily. It is God’s Word. Be involved in a weekly Bible Study with others to grow in knowledge and discernment—learning and applying biblical principles for daily life.
  3. Connect—Regularly meet in small groups for spiritual growth—interacting, reaching out, involving others.
  4. Serve—Always be an influence for Jesus Christ wherever you are, whatever you are doing.


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